That Time My Kids Taught Me a Lesson About Taste and Life

Gorilla Coffee.

This term is used in our family to summarize things that we all do that we know are terrible.

Either :

  1. To us
  2. For us
  3. Specific 
  4. Or in general 

But despite the horribleness, we just keep doing them.

The term originated from my oldest son and it’s stuck.   We use it still.

Braylon recalls a drive to school one day this autumn where he and my other kids were watching me struggle with my morning “coffee.”  As you know, I like to experiment with diet, workouts, health, life and in this instant, I was working on a new morning “coffee alternative.”  From the backseat, they smiled and watched as, after every sip of this horrible, protein keto-edition style of cold brew I would mutter, “mi- Gahd, this tastes worse than Gorilla poop.” 

Gorilla poop is funny if you’re a kid.  Why on Earth would anybody willingly continue to eat Gorilla poop?!

He and his siblings were thoroughly entertained by watching me, mile after mile, sip after sip, continue to take swallows of this blasted concoction while declaring curses of rancidness, marketers, what’s wrong with America, and a continuation of other PG-13 style curses and hexes.   

He took it with him that day, processed the information and has continued to use the term, “it’s like Gorilla Coffee” in everyday conversation.

His awareness that (anything) as bad as “Gorilla Coffee” has led him, his friends and countless others away from doing things that are not good for them.  It’s not a matter of right and wrong. It’s a matter of preference. It’s a matter of having some standards. It’s a matter of giving a damn.

We all do this.  We all keep doing things we already know aren’t good for us.   

The lesson:  Find the “gorilla coffees” in your life.   It’s time to put them in their rightful places, the garbage.

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