My Roller Coaster Life

My family is action-packed!   It’s a crazy, fun-filled, emotional up and down, drive all over town, busy life.!


OK, the reality is, you’re busy too, so are your kids, so is the neighbor.  We’re all busy – everyone.

No one is really any “more busy” than anyone else – we all get to a point and it’s just “busy.”

The stresses of real-life can and will, get to us all – I have 4 kids that are involved in everything, and every sport and we have 28 pets. Literally Twenty. Eight. Pets. 

I also have a fantastic wife that just embraces the chaos lifestyle. She loves it and helps to garner it.

Honestly, she’s even nicknamed our family the Zoo Crew. We have signs in our house announcing this and often gifts for the Holidays come to “Zoo Crew.”

It’s exciting and wild and fun and also, at times…

Exhausting and dare I say?…overwhelming.

So, this is just a quick tip today, something my dad said to me when I called him one night, on edge of tears and feeling like a failure. It’s simply a better “imagery” that made a difference for me and maybe helps you.

He said, 

“When we used to take you to the fairs and amusement parks as a kid -you always liked the bigger rollercoasters and scarier rides. You wanted the full adrenaline hit and were always looking for the biggest and baddest. That’s just you.  Well, that’s what you’ve got now. You’ve built a monster amusement park out of your life – You’ve got the big rides, the loud music, the clowns, the circus act, the $10 lemonades. You’ve built this life.”

“It’s really fun watching this as your parents, you’re living the dream and riding the big roller coaster, Babe!   Parenthood rocks!”

That was enough for me.  It was well stated and an instant stress dropper.  Exactly what I needed when I needed it most. What caused me anxiety one minute gave me pride, excitement, and a feeling of well-being the next.

Thanks dad.  I’ll be sure to pass this on one day.

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